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What is
Rest The Case?

Rest The Case is a legal aggregator platform that offers infinite opportunities for lawyers and clients and makes the law accessible to everyone. It is an online platform that gives a smart and convenient edge to create and build connections between lawyers and clients with just one simple click.

We at Rest The Case aim to provide solutions to all legal needs from the comfort of your home. We are also committed to catering to law students’ needs, whether it is finding helpful tips or information. With Rest The Case, find legal help at the tip of your fingers!

We Rest The Case are a One Stop Solution for all Legal Services and Information


  • Easy to find the right legal professionals

  • On-demand online lawyer consultation

  • Scheduling of online video/audio consultation

  • Professional interaction with the clients

  • Book advance legal consultation appointments

  • Easy access to a wide array of legal data

  • Access to the best lawyers from any legal speciality

  • Ready drafts and tools to edit and create documents easily

  • Better client management for the lawyers

What our customers are saying

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Very helpful, my problem was solved properly and fast

Shivangi Singh


Prompt response, very polite.

Ashish Verma


Very straight and professional. Highly recommend!

Atul Shaikh