Best Apps for CLAT Preparation


The Common Law Entrance Examination is one of the most competitive examinations in the country, especially for law aspirants who aim to be a part of any of the National Law Colleges in India.

If you are a law aspirant, the CLAT examination must be in your bucket of examinations to attend. 

Even though the coaching classes to prepare for CLAT are easily available, many students prefer studying independently. 


This is a question that we get a lot from Law aspirants. Whether or not they should admit themselves in a coaching class. There is no right answer to this question. Excel that it completely depends on the kind of student you are. 

Cracking CLAT is all about strategizing your preparation. Studying hard and staying committed. 

If you are the kind of student who can self-motivate, self-regulate, and make sure that you stick to your everyday goals, you might not need a coaching class. 

But if you feel like you might need some extra push to make sure that you stay committed, be honest about finding the help you need. 

However, even if you choose to prepare on your own, know that you are not really on your own because you always have the internet by your side. 


The fact that you're reading this article to navigate through your preparation journey proves that you have all the help available to do it by yourself and for free.

There are coaching sessions available on the internet where you get teachers or fellow graduates to coach you digitally. Still, there are also applications that you can use to strategize your preparation better.


There are various applications developed to help students with their CLAT preparations. In this hyper-digital era, there is a mobile application for everything. Some remind you to drink water, and some allow you to sculpt your abdominal muscles. 

The applications for CLAT might not be as fun as the applications that recommend hairstyles based on your face shape, but they will get the job done. 

Here is how they help you- 

They keep you updated

These applications are great because they keep you updated about any notification from the Bar Council Of India. They notify you about any change in syllabus, dates, registration form and help you stay updated easily. 

Even if you do not need help preparing, these applications will keep you in the loop. 

A curated strategy

These applications help you strategize your preparation as per excerpt guidance. This is where students who prepare usually need the most help. How you strategize your practice will determine how well you perform in the examination, and the CLAT preparation apps can help you with the same. 

They divide your portions as per the scoring weightage and as per difficulty levels. 

Material recommendations and stored lessons

Too often, law aspirants preparing for CLAT are overwhelmed with the number of book recommendations they get. They hop from one material to the other in fear of missing out on important topics. 

These applications often do you good with dependable book recommendations. They have done extensive research about the exam papers from previous years and have collected large amounts of data before forming their material recommendations. 

Many applications come with their videos and written out lessons to help students. 

Easier to keep up with general knowledge and current affairs

Our consistent sources of student data tell us that general knowledge and current affairs tend to be a little dry. This is where aspirants need some direction because subjects are endless. These applications make sure that the process remains fun and also informative. 

Mock tests

These applications also help students be prepared for the examination by exposing them to various mock tests and practice question papers. These mock tests resemble the actual examination pattern, including a limited time for aspirants to attempt the examination. 

This gives them a real picture of the examination and teaches many skills like time management, stress management, prioritizing questions to attempt, etc.

It also gives them an idea about how prepared they are, their strong and weak areas, and how to improve them. 

If you intend to prepare for your CLAT by yourself, make sure you download an application on your phone that can boost your performance and support your journey. 

Here are a few applications that you can download- 

CLAT- Law Exams Mock Tests by  

CLAT Exam Question Papers by Law Tutorials by PALSAR 

Current Affairs & Daily General Knowledge Quiz by Testbook

ClatPrep Education by LIBIT SOLUTIONS  

Apart from these applications, you can also seek help from the following applications- 

  • Unacademy 
  • Smart Keeda
  • Online Tayari
  • The Hindu (News)
  • Edurev
  • Jagran josh (General knowledge and quizzes)
  • Onlinetayari (Quizzes and more) 
  • InShorts (For brief news pieces) 

Needless to say, these applications are like a support system throughout your preparation journey. Do not depend solely on these applications, and treat them as a tool to boost your preparation that's already in progress. 

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