"Court Cannot Support Such Relationships": Allahabad HC Denies Protection to Live-in Couple


The Allahabad High Court has declined to provide protection to a live-in couple facing alleged threats, citing the partners' existing marriages as grounds for dismissal. Justice Renu Agarwal emphasized that supporting such relationships would undermine societal order and legal norms.

In its February 22 order, the Court stressed the importance of upholding legal requirements regarding marriage. Justice Agarwal remarked, "The Court cannot support such type of relationship which are in contravention of law. If such type of relationship gets the support of Court, it will create chaos in the society and will destroy the social fabric of our country."

The plea, filed by the unmarried couple seeking protection of their life and liberty, was dismissed by the Court. Additionally, a fine of ₹2,000 was imposed on the petitioners.

During the proceedings, it emerged that both petitioners were married to other individuals. While the woman petitioner acknowledged her previous marriage, she failed to provide evidence of divorce, leading the Court to conclude that she remained legally married.

Similarly, it was revealed that the male petitioner had wedded another woman, as indicated by the Aadhaar card submitted by a lawyer representing a woman claiming to be his wife.

The Court's decision underscores the judiciary's commitment to upholding legal sanctity and societal norms. By refusing to endorse relationships that flout legal provisions, the High Court reaffirms the importance of adherence to legal procedures and the preservation of social order.

The judgment serves as a reminder of the significance of marital laws and the necessity of compliance with legal requirements. It emphasizes the judiciary's role in maintaining the integrity of legal institutions and upholding societal values.

Author: Anushka Taraniya

News Writer, MIT ADT University