Delhi High Court Halts Illegal Use of Reliance's AJIO Trademark


The Delhi High Court has directed the Delhi Police Cyber Cell to investigate a fraudulent scheme involving the illegal use of the AJIO trademark owned by Reliance Industries. The Court ordered an urgent investigation and the submission of a report.

In a case filed by Reliance Industries, the company stated that individuals were using the name "Ajio Online Shopping Pvt Ltd" to deceive consumers by claiming they had won cash prizes. The scammers informed people that they had won scratch cards worth up to ₹10 lakh but needed to deposit ₹5,000 to claim their prizes. Multiple mobile numbers and bank accounts were used to receive these deposits.

Justice Prathiba M Singh, in her order, expressed concern over the misuse of digital platforms to defraud innocent customers: "The present case demonstrates how the cloak of digital platforms is being used to dupe innocent customers, by misusing an established brand name."

The Court noted that the scam was extensive, with various individuals working together to collect money under the name of "AJIO" and "AJIO Online Shopping Private Limited." The scammers' communications were so convincing that recipients often couldn't distinguish them from legitimate AJIO communications.

The Court restrained the defendants from using the "AJIO" mark and sending any communications related to collecting money in bank accounts. It also ordered the freezing of the scammers' bank accounts and the blocking of their mobile numbers.

Justice Singh emphasized the importance of protecting the reputation of established brands against fraudulent activities facilitated by digital technology.

The investigation will seek to identify the individuals involved in the scam and hold them accountable for their actions.

Author: Anushka Taraniya

News Writer, MIT ADT University