Kerala High Court Takes Suo Motu Cognizance After Tragic Assault on Toddler


In response to the distressing incident involving the assault and subsequent death of a 2-year-old child by her father in Kerala, the Kerala High Court has taken suo motu cognizance of the matter, aiming to formulate protocols to prevent such tragedies in the future.

Expressing shock over the incident, Justice Devan Ramachandran highlighted the urgency of the situation, stating, "The factum of such an event happening in our state shocks our conscience and certainly must be an eye-opener." The Court initiated suo motu proceedings based on news reports regarding the incident.

The Court noted previous complaints about violent incidents in the child's household, emphasizing the need for timely intervention by authorities. Justice Ramachandran stressed the importance of acting under the parens patriae jurisdiction, especially when children are victims of violence.

"I am certain that this court is enjoined to act under the parens patriae jurisdiction... This court cannot ignore the cries of the young child who must have suffered immeasurably when being attacked," remarked Justice Ramachandran.

Proposing the formulation of protocols to enable police intervention in such cases, the Court directed the Registry to obtain formal orders and list the matter as a suo motu writ petition next week. The respondents include the State Police Chief, the Superintendent of Police Malappuram, and the concerned Station House Officer.

Meanwhile, the father of the deceased child, Muhammad Faiz, has been arrested. Allegations made by the child's mother suggest that Faiz beat and killed their daughter, although Faiz initially claimed the child had choked on food the previous day. The cause of death will be determined following the completion of the post-mortem examination.

The tragic incident underscores the critical need for effective measures to safeguard children from domestic violence. The Kerala High Court's proactive approach in initiating suo motu proceedings reflects its commitment to ensuring the protection and welfare of vulnerable individuals within society.

Author: Anushka Taraniya

News Writer, MIT ADT University