Supreme Court Expresses Concern Over Child's Welfare in Custody Battle


In a significant move, the Supreme Court on Monday voiced serious concerns regarding the welfare of a child caught in a contentious custody dispute between the parents. The Vacation Bench, comprising Justices PV Sanjay Kumar and Augustine George Masih, urged the parents to prioritize their child's well-being, especially considering the severe summer conditions in Delhi.

The Court's concern was heightened upon learning that the child had been ill since last November. Justice Kumar expressed frustration, stating, “You have not been able to find a good pediatrician till now. Both parents are making a pawn of their child. Absolutely terrible. You both do not have any love for your child and are just fighting at the child's expense. So many months have passed.”

Justice Masih added, emphasizing the child's welfare over the parents' conflict, “We are only concerned with the rights of the child and not any of you. Take care of your child. It is extreme heat.”

Highlighting the importance of the child's rights and interests, the Court underscored the need for the parents to ensure proper care and medical attention for their child amidst the ongoing legal battle. After deliberating the case, the Court granted visitation rights to the father, aiming to ensure that both parents remain involved in the child's life despite their differences.

This decision comes as a reminder of the judiciary's role in safeguarding the interests of children in custody disputes, urging parents to set aside their conflicts for the sake of their child's well-being.

Author: Anushka Taraniya 

News writer