Supreme Court Upholds Reinvestigation of Nursing Colleges by CBI


The Supreme Court on Friday upheld the Madhya Pradesh High Court's directive for the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to reinvestigate 169 nursing colleges alleged to be operating fraudulently. The apex court's decision came in the case of VNS College of Nursing and Another v. State of Madhya Pradesh and Others, dismissing the appeals filed against the High Court's order.

A division bench comprising Justice PV Sanjay Kumar and Justice Augustine George Masih expressed dissatisfaction with the CBI's previous clean chit to all the nursing colleges. The judges remarked that the evidence suggested an attempt to falsely portray the colleges as functioning normally. "It appears you all clearly tried to put up a facade that everything was functioning normally," Justice Kumar orally commented to the counsels representing the appellant-colleges.

Despite dismissing the appeals, the Supreme Court clarified that this decision does not preclude the parties concerned from raising all pertinent issues before the High Court in the ongoing proceedings.

The controversy began when the Law Students Association petitioned the Madhya Pradesh High Court, alleging that some CBI officers had accepted bribes from the nursing colleges to issue favorable reports. On May 30, the High Court ordered a reinvestigation by the CBI, following concerns that the initial investigation had been compromised.

In its February report, the CBI had exonerated the 169 nursing colleges. However, the High Court, taking serious note of the bribery allegations, directed the reinvestigation to include a judicial officer, specifically the Registrar of the District Court in the respective districts where the inspections are to be conducted. The court also permitted videography during the probe if necessary and mandated the completion of the investigation within three months.

The nursing colleges subsequently challenged this directive in the Supreme Court. However, the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the High Court's order ensures that the reinvestigation will proceed as directed.

This case has drawn significant attention, highlighting issues of corruption and regulatory oversight in the education sector. The Supreme Court's decision reinforces the need for thorough and unbiased investigations to maintain the integrity of educational institutions.

As the reinvestigation unfolds, all eyes will be on the CBI and the judicial officer to ensure a transparent and comprehensive inquiry into the allegations against the nursing colleges. The outcome of this reinvestigation could have far-reaching implications for the regulatory mechanisms governing educational institutions in India.

Author: Anushka Taraniya

News writer