Students Exchange Programs For Indian Law Students


Student exchange programs provide a chance to learn from different legal systems, cultures, and perspectives, and to expand your professional network. The student exchange programs have been initiated to let the student learn at a distinct level. But the prime goal of these programs is to take you out of your comfort zone, so you not only enhance academic knowledge but can also your personal growth.

Some people think these programs are solely designed to learn a new language. Well, there's no denial to that, but along with learning a new language, this program offers national or international exposure. If you are looking for a Student Exchange program as a law student, this article is for you. We will discuss what students exchange programs, their types, and the universities offering such programs for law students.

Types of Student Exchange Programs:

Listed below are two types of student exchange programs.

  1. Short-Term Exchange

The short-term exchange program duration varies from one month to three months. Short-term programs allow you to choose from any university. You get a native feel of other's customs, languages, and traditions in this program.

Short-term programs are also known as intensive, or summer cultural exchange programs suitable for those interested in cultural and community activities. Both private and government programs provide short-term exchange programs.

  1. Long-Term Exchange

The long-term exchange program duration varies from six to ten months, so it usually needs a student visa. The US accepts an F-1 foreign student visa or J-1 cultural exchange visa.

The biggest challenge of this program is that you have to quickly adapt to the host country's local surroundings and community. Because of the long duration, you got to be flexible enough and open-minded to have a pleasant stay in the other country.

Indian Universities Offering Student Exchange Programs:

Listed below are some Indian Universities that offer student Exchange Programs to law students:

National Law School of India University (Bengaluru)

The University of National Law School educates graduates and undergraduates in India. It is one of the first National Law Universities established in India.

National Law School of India University has sent students to LL.B. (Hons.), B.A to diverse Law Schools in Germany, the U.K., and the USA as Exchange students depending on the options available.

Students from the fourth and final years of LL.M, LL.B, and B.A. are eligible to apply for the Exchange Programme suggested by the National Law School of India University. Currently, NLSIU offers a student exchange program at 30 different universities.

National Law University (Delhi)

The national law university of Delhi has collaborated with various universities globally for student exchange programs, offering joint research, conference, workshop, classes, and short courses. To promote this student exchange, the University has a reliable International Relations office. They offer a student exchange program to both graduates and postgraduate students.

Gujarat National Law University (Gandhinagar)

GNLU is for students interested in seeking short-term and full-term semester courses in interdisciplinary and Law areas: commerce, arts, business administration, and so on.

The increasing focus on international student education has made higher education an essential part of the learning process at the university. The student exchange program is made for students who want to get the experience of studying and living on an Indian campus through a short-term study program. It promotes global understanding among students of different ethnicities by providing an effective learning environment.

These programs apply to those interested in spending at least one semester and, at most, an academic year at the GNLU, India. Students are allowed to get the subject of their interest. 

Amity Law School (Delhi)

The Amity Law University of Delhi provides a special international student exchange program, in which the student spends their initial semesters at the Amity Law University in India and the rest of their semesters at the Abroad University of their choice with this University.

It is made by Partnership agreements that Amity Law university has with other international universities. The final year degree is from the chosen international University at a bit of the cost compared to studying abroad for the full-time program.

Christ University Faculty of Law (Bangalore)

The University of Christ Faculty of law presents students with the option of studying a part of their degree at the International University. Studying at International Universities offers a special opportunity for students to travel the world, engage in diverse cultures, and get a view of the world that would help them in their professional life. Students of undergraduate, honors, or postgraduate can live, explore, and study while getting their degree.

The student will be able to experience a new culture and diversify their degree, which will help them in standing out of the crowd. By raising your certifications and taking a student exchange, you'll gain an edge that can boost your employability.

Universities Hosting Student Exchange Program For Indians:

We have created a list of universities that offer a student exchange program. It includes:

 Freie Universitat Berlin, Germany

Students have been studying Jurisprudence and Civil Law at this university since 1995. Students with a knowledge of German are preferred for this program because they will have more options in the course of study. Yet, there are some courses available in English.

Semester Schedule

Students studying at this university can attend the university for a semester or an entire year. Usually, the student chooses to be a part of the spring semester (April- July)

The semester is classified as

a) Fall Semester: This begins from October to mid of February.

b) Spring Semester: That begins from April to July.

c) Full Year: That begins from October to July.

 University College Dublin, Ireland

The student can study Criminal Justice Law, International Human Rights Law, European Law, and Constitutional Law. No specific language is preferred.

Semester Schedule

The students can choose to attend this academy for an entire year or some semester (fall or spring)

a) Fall Semester: That begins from September till the mid of December.

b) Spring Semester: That begins from Mid of January till the Mid of May.

c) Full Year: That begins from September till June (early June)

 University of Mannheim, Germany

The University of Mannheim lets students study Comparative Law. This university offers various courses in English and German.

Semester Schedule

Students at this university can attend a semester or an entire year. 

a) Fall Semester: That begins from the first week of September till December.

b) Spring Semester: That begins in the mid of February till the first week of June.

c) Full Year: That begins from September till the first week of June.

 University of Nottingham, England

The student exchange under this university is made for undergraduates who want to spend a semester studying in the UK, acquiring credits to move back to their home university. The University of Nottingham offers courses focusing on Criminal Law and Human Rights Law.

Semester Schedule

Students at this university can choose classes for a semester or an entire year.

a) Fall Semester: That begins from the end of September till mid-December.

b) Spring Semester: That begins from the end of February till the end of May.

c) Full Year: That begins from September to the beginning of August until the completion of that course. 

 The University of Antwerp, Belgium

They offer law courses to students globally. No specific language is needed as the courses are studied in English.

Semester Schedule

Students can choose to have the classes on a semester basis, fall or spring.

a) Fall Semester: That begins in the 4th week of September. 

b) Spring Semester: That begins from the 2nd week of February.

 University of International Business and Economics, China

Students interested in a global view of international trade and economic law join this University. The prime focus of this University is economics, law, finance, foreign languages, management, and International trades. No specific language is required as the courses are taught in English.

Semester Schedule

a) Fall Semester: That begins from the end of August until January.

b) Spring Semester: From the end of February till the mid of July

Changes can be made to complete the course before the spring semester.

 University of Siena, Italy

They offer courses in Law and Politics. Students with good knowledge and understanding of Italian will get more options in their course. But there are sufficient classes in English.

Semester Schedule

Students attending the University of Siena can choose to attend the university for a semester or an entire year. A language course is available beginning in mid-September, before the fall semester. 

a) Fall Semester: That begins from the end of September till January

b) Spring Semester: At the End of February via May

c) Full Year: That begins from the end of September to May's end. (Until the completion of the course)

What are the Minimum Eligibility Criteria for the law student opting for the Student Exchange Program?


Taking part in the student exchange program is undoubtedly a life-changing chance, specifically when you are young! Luckily, one can participate in these life-changing curricula by applying to any of the above universities. 

A student must seize this opportunity to spend at least a term, week, or year in another country. After completing the program, the student comes back with upgraded knowledge, cultural understanding, and some valuable abroad connections.

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What is the meaning of Student Exchange Programs in India?

In India, the student exchange program normally implies pre-existing relationships between two or more institutes where students can pursue courses. In this journey, students must decide the program they want to pursue at least 8-10 months prior and they also get international exposure and learn their language.

How can student agencies help you during the process?

To register for these programs, one has to get in touch with these agencies and check for their university tie-ups. The student exchange agencies guide you through the entire process and help you choose the most suitable course as well as the host country for a better experience.

What is the Cost of Student Exchange Programs?

There is no fixed cost for the student exchange programs. It depends on the course and cost of living of the host country. However, there are also some universities that cover travel expenses and other accommodations.

How can an Indian Student become a part of a student exchange program?

Simply choose any of the universities suggested above for your exchange program. Check for the available student exchange courses in the country. You can also reach out to agencies that will support you throughout the process.