Every law aspirant yearns to get into a renowned and prestigious law school that will guide him to become one of the best lawyers and help kick-start their career smoothly. The pre-requisite to any good college is to qualify for the entrance exam with top marks and then undergo a selection process, after which they get into the college accordingly.

Nowadays, the competition to get into a renowned law college, be it public, private, government, or any university, is very high. Students have to prepare extremely well to outrun the thousands of students competing with them. So, if you are wondering how to pick a law school and get started, this article is meant for you!

Things to consider while picking a law school - 

Here is a list of qualities you should consider before deciding which college you should apply to. All these points will guide you to choose the college ideal for you and the next few years of your life.


Location is significant as a student builds connections for future job opportunities and gets acquainted with the professionals of that place. Furthermore, the location also sets in motion where you'll spend the best years of your college life. The location decides the kind of people you'll meet, the lifestyle you'll live, and the expenses you'll have to balance for your college life. Location is also important to decide where you'll start your practice and set up your career.

Post-graduation plans

It is imperative in today's time to have a post-graduation plan. Hence, the candidate should be looking for a law school to pursue the popular specialization he wishes to get a PG specialization. Different law colleges provide different specialties, and the student also has an option of doing an integrated 5-year course or pursuing post-graduation after graduation. 

Look beyond reputation and ranking.

The ranking and reputation of the college are subjective to each individual. If you have got a particular favorite professor or alumni whose footsteps you wish to follow, you must research those law schools and prepare accordingly.

Furthermore, study the teaching techniques of the college, its student-teacher ratio, and the kind of exposure it provides.

Talking to alumni is very important to know what happens behind the scenes and inside a law school. They give a better and more accurate idea than the fancier version provided in the advertisements and websites. 


For a college student, infrastructure is one of the most significant things to look out for nowadays for college students as it is the place you'd be living in for the next 3 to 5 years. The law school buildings, as well as the residential space, should be carefully considered before enrolling. According to the student's wish, if the atmosphere is according to the student's wishes, it is evident that their college life would be blissful.


 Before taking admission to law college, assessing your expenses is of paramount importance. Money comes first. Even if it is education, your law college should be within your budget and expenses. It is stupid to think only expensive colleges offer the best education. See and research within your limits and check how much you or your family would have to sort out.

Nowadays, the trend of taking out student loans is widespread. Consider the payoffs of the loans before taking one out and plan all your expenses.

Other Amenities

We go to college to study, but extracurriculars are as important. Look up all the law school's facilities like a library, gymnasium, auditorium, mess halls, etc. It is vital to get acquainted with all these aspects and indulge in them for an all-rounded development.


Doing well in Law Schools broadly depends on the kind of exposure you would get from the college. Several law schools offer inter-college events and other events to cultivate the talent of the students and further encourage them and enrich their learning experience. The ideal student participates in all these and gets a well-rounded idea about their profession. College is, after all, the preparation for real life.

Moot Courts have been mandatory in almost all law colleges nowadays, so get better knowledge beforehand about your college events. The importance of the moot courts is inevitable for future practice and hence should be encouraged.

Placement opportunities

The essential criteria before applying to any law school are the placement opportunities it provides. The most renowned colleges have the best placements where firms interview students and then later hire them as lawyers. The better your college, the better firms you'll be exposed to and get better professional options.


Faculty is the most important criterion to look for. Ask the law school alumni and other ex-students about the professors and their teaching patterns. The teachers must have in-depth knowledge about the course and be updated about the new courses. Their approach should be advanced and unique, and the teachers should be approachable and encourage them to participate and excel.

Legal Aid Centre

The Bar Council of India has made the legal aid center mandatory in all law schools. This has resulted in all colleges having a legal aid center, but only very few have worked. The objective of the center is to raise legal awareness and be an aid to the neighboring villages and towns. Therefore, a student should apply to colleges with the best legal aid centers working and helping with the exposure of their talents.

All of this information is available online, and by doing extensive research, one can get acquainted with the college before enrolling. Previous students, professors, and other resources should be contacted to get a thorough idea about the college.

Additional Points - 

  • Don't go for big names or brands: Good marketing does not guarantee a good college. You must choose wisely before blindly applying to college just for its name and fame. Learn more about their campus, routine, atmosphere, and what they stand for before making a decision. 

  • Internship/Placement and track record: Campus placement is one of the most important things you should look at while choosing a college. Before taking admission, try and find out about the college’s internship cell, placement history, and alumni network.

  • Infrastructure: While most of you know this, there is still a chance you will overlook this if you are excited to get into a college. Consider the following before freezing your admission - 

    • Distance from where you are living

    • Location and Demography

    • Amenities like library labs, libraries, computer access

  • Faculty expertise: This is the most important part of your homework before applying to a college. Learn more about the faculty expertise and compare the following with your other shortlisted colleges - 

    • Degree offered

    • Accreditation

    • Held by whom (Private or Government)

    • Faculty qualification

    • Extracurricular activities

    • Social life (dance/music/sports clubs, college spirit, organizations, social works)

  • Check Scholarships offers and financial ads: This can help you aid your education cost and let you explore your options better.

  • Connect with Alumni: A college’s alumni are its biggest flex. Colleges are more than just academics; it's a haven for networking, and connecting with well-established Alumni can help you get the push you need after graduating from your law college.

Mistakes to avoid while choosing Law Colleges

Do not choose a college just because a friend or relative has chosen it. Choosing just because of social pressure might not get your where you want. So choose wisely.

Today, finding the best law school that suits one's choice and liking is essential and straightforward. Use the given tips to help your research further and help your journey toward the best career opportunities. 

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Author: Shweta Singh