Looking at the world today, it isn't easy to imagine living without the internet, especially when it comes to knowledge and research. Gone are those days when people spent hours in the library and dug their heads deep into the books. Now with technology at our tips, we just need an internet connection and our go-to websites to simply this whole process. 

Correct and appropriate knowledge is everything in the legal world, and the standard is the apex. One needs to back whatever they say or contravenes anything with a straightforward act, section, order, judgments, etc. People from non-legal backgrounds rely upon lawyers and law students for their legal knowledge and skills. To constitute such knowledge and skills, research and lots of reading are required from reliable sources. Certain legal websites provide authentic and factual information. Usually, everyone, including lawyers, professors, legal fraternity, and law students, relies on them for information and news, but it is the most needed requirement of law students. They have various assignments and research papers which require analysis, understanding, and application of multiple laws. 

There are various categories in which these websites can be divided, but in this article, we will look majorly into four:-

  • Legal News and Articles

  • Legal Cases and Judgments

  • Law School Updates and Internships

Legal News and Articles

Live Law:

It is a comprehensive legal news portal that will provide you with the fastest court updates. It began in 2013; it is one of the fastest-growing legal portals, covering the latest legal news, Supreme Court updates, articles, and legal events. Though it usually focuses on live court reporting. It has many prominent judges and senior advocates on its editorial advisory board. They have an application also which keeps notifying with all the legal updates one needs.

Website: https://www.livelaw.in/

Bar and Bench:

For the last 11 years, this website has been in the legal market providing law firm in-house stories and litigation stories from the High Court and Supreme Court. In 2016 it was listed amongst 30 people to watch in the business of law in Asia. It also covers news, columns, interviews, and viewpoints of many senior judges and advocates. It also provides a WhatsApp updates facility to its users.

Website: https://www.barandbench.com/

Legally India:

It is a website that majorly covers the Indian Law Industry like law firms and lawyers of India. It reports news and information regarding them.


iPleaders Blog:

Founded by the National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS), Kolkata alumni Ramanuj Mukherjee, iPleaders is one of the thriving legal platforms of India. It is a team of lawyers aiming to make the law accessible to every sector and class of people in India. It majorly advocates such technology where entrepreneurs are themselves efficiently equipped with such sources that they figure out their legal issues independently without any legal assistance from professionals. The object here is to promote education and technology among businessmen by discussing day-to-day various common issues and their remedies. They have offered many diploma courses on entrepreneurship and business administration on their website. They even organize workshops to educate law students and lawyers about different aspects and provide online training for the BCI exam. All legal news is covered here with the latest updates and judgments.

Website: https://blog.ipleaders.in/

Legal Cases and Judgments


Manupatra is like the Bible of law to any law student. It has an enormous legal database of Indian cases as well as foreign ones. It provides services in various fields apart from the law like financial, taxation, accounting, educational, banking, consulting, IPR, media rights, policy, etc. It has made some great revolution in online legal research of India. They offer almost 2 million judgments from the Supreme Court, High Court, Tribunals, and 14 International Courts along with many acts, circulars, bills, and notification, etc. They are a service-based platform providing the latest legal technology to all.

Website: https://mobile.manupatra.in/

SCC Online:

It is an electronic medium of Eastern Book Company- a publishing house in-law publishing in India for 75 years. It also serves the same purpose as Manupatra, contributing to legal literature worldwide. Its standard and quality in reporting have made it the most preferred and cited law report in all law courts. In moot courts of law schools, mostly case reports and judgments of SCC Online are admissible. The mark of EBC ensures authenticity, reliability, and genuineness of the material provided there, fulfilling the commitment to the rule of law.

Website: https://www.scconline.com/


This website is helpful not only to the legal fraternity but also to common people in general who want to be aware of laws and legal documents. It complies with the laws in a summary that is easy to read and understand, even for a layman. It also contains various court judgments interpreting those laws. It allows automatic determination of the most relevant clauses and court judgments. It acts as a savior when one doesn't have time to go through bare acts for any law or judgments. It also gives an accurate citation of the judgments, which is beneficial while making memos in the moot courts in law schools.

Website: https://indiankanoon.org/


Unlike other websites, SpicyIP has focused on one area, i.e., Intellectual Property Rights. It is a site dedicated to IPR and innovation law/policy. It covers analytical posts on complex issues of Trademark, Copyright, Patent, and others committed to fostering transparency in the Indian IP world. It updates regarding internships and job opportunities in various IP firms. Contemporary IP news and IP policies are shared continuously. They have a remarkable feature of public opinion polls on various important IP issues in the country. It also provides a weekly round-up on various IP events in the country, including conferences and workshops.


Law School Updates and Internships: 


Lawoctopus is like a blessing for law students stuck in a mundane law school. It works as an antidote for them when they are clueless about their legal careers. It is like one shop for everything where students find opportunities for call for papers, moot court competitions, seminars and MUNs, etc. Here students share their internship experiences in various legal firms and how to approach them. In addition, it also shows internship vacancies in various firms. They provide you with the opportunity to publish write-ups and artworks, which the law schools mainly ignore. They have various blogs where lawyers provide freshers and law students career guidance giving them some ease in life in a law school. 

Website: https://www.lawctopus.com/

Legal Service India:

It is a portal mainly focussed on the law and government. It is kind of a virtual library of free legal resources, mainly for law students and lawyers. Primary content here is lawyer's directory, legal advice, discussion forum, Lok Adalat, medico-legal, codes, articles, cases, and so on. The response received by this site is very positive in a short period of time. All the information regarding family, consumer, company, immigration, contract, and army law can be easily accessed here. One can also file PIL, Caveat, SLP from this online platform.

Website: https://www.legalserviceindia.com/