How to choose right university


Going to a university is every student’s dream. However, being unsure of how to pick what universities to go to can be exhausting. It is the next big step in a student’s life and requires extensive planning and making important decisions, often on their own. It is an exciting next step but can also seem scary. Hence, it is always better to make a list and be prepared before entering through the gates of a university and get ready for that life.

The place

One of the most neglected but important aspects of studying at a university is knowing about the place where it is situated. A lot of people don’t consider the place and focus mainly on the University.

It is very significant to choose a university that is located in a good place since one has to live in that place for the next few years.

The atmosphere and environment play a major role in life.

According to your choice, you can decide what is more appealing and then move accordingly.


Before going to University, it is ideal to know the faculty. This includes all the professors and their teaching techniques. Know about their student-teacher relationships and their experiences. It is easier to get all this information from an ex-student of the University.

The teaching styles of all the professors are different and you can choose your University accordingly.

Facilities provided

Along with academics, extracurricular facilities are essential for the overall development of any student. Check out their facilities. Whether there is an auditorium, gym, sports courts available. Also, learn about any other hobbies that you’re interested in and whether there is any club or teams of it in the University.


The life of a college or University student can be very expensive. You should learn the art of budgeting before you step inside the University. Handling finances for the first time can be very scary and very reckless. Once you are familiar with your expenditure, you can organize and budget accordingly.

Always live below your means and try to limit your expenses. Save up a little money for any hardships and keep a track of all the money spent daily.

There are many apps now that help track your money and remind you of your expenses.


Life at a university is complete only when you have a bunch of familiar faces to go to. Make friends at your University. It is very normal to be a little intimidated or shy at first but eventually remember that everyone is just like you- a fresher at a university.

Parties and events are a great way to socialize and mingle. Learn how to communicate and befriend people who you admire and like.

It is very important to have friends who have your back in a strange place away from your home. Having a close-knit circle can help in the long term with feelings of anxiety or home-sickness.

Moreover, once you have settled in and have a group of people, you will feel more confident and secure in your new surroundings.


Every college has different senior-junior relationships. Remember to acquaint yourself with your seniors. Remember that they will come in great help since they’ve experienced the same life as you. Bonding with them and knowing about the University from their firsthand experience will put you one step ahead. 

Seniors can also help you with your academics and assignments. Seek them out if you have any difficulties with academics or ask them for tips on how to study for a university exam.

Timetables and Schedules

Timetables are a student’s best friend. Life at a university often becomes very busy and fast-paced. Managing lectures and friends and studying becomes a task. Making a timetable comes in handy since you can manage and allocate sufficient time to each event and handle studies responsibly.

Making a timetable and sticking by it is hard hence one should always make a timetable that is breathable and adjustable. Take enough breaks and allow time to chill and hangout. Do not get frustrated with the stress and adjust your schedule accordingly so you get enough time to de-stress.

Add meditation and exercise to your routine to have a de-stressing hour.


One of the common concerns of students is the fear of failing exams or classes. A fairly new saying around the corner today is ”In the world of education, ’failure’ is about as dirty a word as you’ll find”.

Remember that it’s okay to fail a few classes in the beginning as you’re just getting acquainted with the new way of learning. Studying techniques of school and college is different and you have to learn how to study in a way that is efficient and helps you retain vast information in an effective way that will help you score marks in the exams.

If it takes you more time than usual to adapt to the new norms, don’t panic. Consult your professors and seniors to help you get a better idea of how to do well academically.


Choosing the right University should largely depend on the kind of college life you want yourself to be surrounded by. The general rule for studying at a university is to be ready for everything. Learn new skills, get used to being around unfamiliar faces, and learn how to cook simple, easy meals if you feel home-sick or don’t like the mess food.

It is these easy steps that can change life a lot in a university. Try to adjust and adapt since it is going to be your new home for the next few years. Enjoy the whole college experience and be excited about trying out new things.

Remember that life can seem very challenging and alone but it is not. Indulge in new activities and hobbies, branch out, and make new friend circles and participate in events actively.


It is important to remember that University is an experience and opportunity to develop a well-rounded personality and one that you can cherish for a long time after that. University can be a stepping stone that will give you a better chance at excellent job opportunities, and hence focusing on both academics and extracurricular should be balanced effectively.