A lawyer is a professional who you would always need to resolve your legal problems. They generally charge a nominal or no fee for consultation and elucidate your grievance details. The relationship between a lawyer and his client is based on trust and is called a 'fiduciary relationship.'  The information rendered might be confidential; the client need not worry about the guard of confidentiality on the information given by him.

The trust makes a lawyer strive to win the case. Once you render the information to the lawyer, you must ask a few questions regarding his experiences. This helps a client to acknowledge whether he wants to continue with the same lawyer or not. Further, if you decide to hire a lawyer, you can discuss your case in detail and ask more specific questions to the lawyer.

Essential Questions to Ask a Lawyer

The client should be explicit in asking every ins and outs which he thinks fit and is relatable to his case. Clarity is essential in the legal profession. Below mentioned are some questions that a client should ask a lawyer before letting him handle a case:

How long have you been practicing law?

It is pertinent to note that whatever lawyer you are hiring is experienced enough to handle the matters related to your case. Generally, in cases of serious nature, you should hire a lawyer with some experience of 7-10 years. However, this does not mean that de novo lawyers are not suitable to deal with a case, and they also need to gain experience to reach out to a lawyer with fresh expertise but not for a serious matter.

How many cases has he taken before of the exact nature?

To be more specific, you should ask a lawyer whether he has experience or handled a case before of nature as of your case. However, you should not generalize it and ask whether the lawyer has taken a family matter before or not. It is essential to be specific about the nature of your cases.

On top of that, you should ask him what the number of cases similar to he has taken for the trial is. Furthermore, you may ask him about the quality of clients who visit him often. Though this information is very personal, it is an excellent question to ask to get confidence in the lawyer you want to let handle your case.

Who should I contact to get information about my case?

It is an important question to ask a lawyer who you should contact to know the development of your case, if not the lawyer himself. It is necessary to be updated with the information about your case. You should also ask for the preferred method of contact so that you can get a faster reply.

Moreover, it is relevant to ask if anyone else is working on your case. Due to complications in the case, a lawyer often associates with other attorneys or experts or paralegals to handle the case. This becomes important because you would not want someone not so experienced handling your case.

How does he charge, and what are his estimated fees?

It is the most critical question to ask a lawyer. If you are hiring a good and experienced lawyer, it would not be cheap on your wallet. It is better to ask about the fees he charges and an estimated cost that will be incurred in the course of the trial. If not made explicit earlier, he may slap you with a heavy amount for his traveling expenses and Court fee. Thus, you should make the scenario clear about the expenses, fees, and other costs.

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What are the possible outcomes of the case?

It is always a good idea to ask for a possible outcome of your case from your potential lawyer. A good lawyer is never hesitant in telling you the pros and cons of your case. Since he is a law professional, he can acknowledge the hiccups in the case, and a good lawyer is comfortable sharing those hiccups.

A case cannot always be as smooth as you want; if your lawyer paints too pretty of a picture, you need to be skeptical. This helps you to assess if your goals from the case are possible. However, you need to be aware of such lawyers who guarantee cent percent success.

What is the approach of the lawyer?

This is the best question to ask to find out if the attorney you are talking to is fit to handle your case. Every lawyer has a different way of handling the cases, some of them are more aggressive, and some are vice versa. This can be important in two ways.

Firstly, if you are seeking an amicable divorce, but the attorney is known to "go for the kill" in divorce cases, the attorney may not be the right one for you. Similarly, if you're looking for an aggressive attorney to handle an upcoming corporate merger, for example, you'll want someone who isn't afraid to push the envelope, so to speak. Thus, knowing the approach of the lawyer you are hiring is essential.

Are you being reasonable with your goals in the case?

In cases related to family matters, the emotions of a person go on heights. Under the manipulation of those emotions, you may make some decisions that may not be reasonable. If you ask your attorney, they will tell you about the unreasonableness of your demand and will also tell you whether the Court will entertain those demands or not. However, they may ask you to curtail them if required.

If you are stuck in the middle of a family matter case, you need the best person to represent you. You can get the best family court lawyer by asking him good questions about him and related to your case. Since family matters are very stressful, you need to get a lawyer who curbs down those stress and not the one who adds to that stress. It is always a good idea to clear your doubts with your potential lawyer about family matters.

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Author: Bhaskar Aditya