10 Ways to Adopt a Learning Mindset


A mindset refers to your understanding of qualities such as intelligence and talent. Whether you believe that they are fixed or changeable traits.

Mindset can be of two types:

  • Fixed mindset: where the person believes that intelligence and talent cannot be changed or adapted and are fixed. They believe that these qualities are unchangeable and inborn.

  • Learning mindset: where the person believes that these traits can be adopted and gained throughout life. They believe that skills can be acquired and strengthened as you grow older.

Mindset is developed since childhood, by our surroundings and society. However, it can always be changed to something better.

A person with a learning mindset will always be ready to change and grow. They don’t take failures and mistakes as setbacks but as growing opportunities. For them, life is full of learning curves and they take every opportunity to learn something new.

On the other hand, a fixed mindset leaves an individual stuck in the same problems. They are scared of making mistakes and having failures and hence, they do not learn anything new.

A learning mindset will make the person develop into a mature and better version of themselves and hence, it is ideal to try and adopt it.

Here, in this article are some tips on how to adopt a learning mindset: -

1. Accept challenges head-on:

The difference between a fixed and a learning mindset is that the latter bravely accepts all challenges because they’re not scared of failing or making mistakes. For them, everything is an opportunity to learn and they deal with all situations with the same outlook.

2. Learn from your mistakes:

It is a prominent trait of all people with learning mindsets to see mistakes as occasions to acquire some new skills and ways to be better. Be ready to make mistakes and accept them and figure out a way not to repeat them but grow from them.

3. Be original: 

Authenticity is key. Be original and be genuine in your way, however unique it may be. Pretending to be someone you’re not will only lead to low self-confidence and block the path of learning. Accepting yourself as who you are is a prerequisite to accepting flaws and then rectifying them.

4, Embrace all imperfections:

It is a known fact that humans have flaws and we all worry about having them. Accept your imperfections. Introspect them and mold them into your strengths. Not only should one accept their imperfections, but also embrace imperfections in other people. To be gentle with others and help them overcome their worries is a learning mindset attribute.

5. Be patient: 

Everything in this world needs time and effort. Often, we put in a lot of effort and get impatient to see the results. If it does not happen in your expected time, don’t get frustrated or give up. Everything happens in due time. Moreover, you should focus on experiencing the whole journey rather than just waiting for the results. It’s the process that should be enjoyed rather than being impatient about the result.

6. Believe in yourself:

Explore and acknowledge your strengths, but do not hesitate to embrace your weaknesses too. Don’t fear weakness, it only makes you human enough. Instead, work to improve your weaknesses. This will gradually help you carve a growth mindset. When you haven’t mastered a task or a skill, don’t lose hope. Remember that with time and dedicated practice, you will achieve your goal.

7. Don’t seek external validation:

While working on adopting a new mindset, remember to not seek validation from others. Have the self-belief to exist as yourself and without judgment or any doubts. Do not question your choices based on others’ approval as everything is just a learning curve and mistakes are just a stepping stone.

8. Accept criticism: 

Accepting when you’ve not been 100% and when you need improvement without resenting the person criticizing is difficult but a quality of the growth mindset. Accept criticism and work on it till you achieve a positive outcome.

9. Value the whole process:

It is vital to not forget that the journey is more important than the destination. Things take time and we should take that time and experience everything with it. The results are less of a focus when you have a learning mindset. You should put effort into the process, no matter how long it takes.

10. Take risks:

It is important to allow yourself to make mistakes to accomplish your goals. Making mistakes is a part of growing, don’t shy away from making mistakes in front of others. Taking risks is the only way to develop and accomplish your goals. Take risks and accept both, failure and success with a positive mindset.


Bottom line:

Changing a mindset is a long journey and a hard one. It takes a lot of time to change your childhood conditioning, but what you want to do it should make you feel proud of yourself. Introspection is the first step and the rest will follow through as you focus on your thoughts and how you carry them. Learning mindset is a process and never an achievement and by taking a few extra steps, you can achieve the same and live a better life.