How to Lodge a Consumer Complaint Online?

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Nowadays, to avoid the hassle of visiting courts to file complaints or grievances, people or consumers prefer filing their complaints online on the portal. 

Caveat Emptor, buyer be aware, no matter how much the government endorses this quote, there are numerous cases where the sellers trick consumers by delivering faulty products or services. However, many consumers today are not aware of the procedure to file a case in the consumer court virtually. In this article, we will learn about the procedure of filing a consumer court complaint online.

The Government of India and the Department of Consumer Affairs run a grievance redressal platform known as the Consumer Online Resource and Empowerment Centre. All the consumers who have complaints or grievances against the quality or delivery of any product or service can seek redressal through the website It is created to provide awareness among consumers and make them more alert about faulty products and services. 

Conventionally, consumer complaints were filed in the consumer courts by registering the issue and submitting the documents required. However, now the whole procedure has shifted to an online portal.

Procedure to file a consumer complaint online in India:   

  • To begin with the lodging of a complaint, the consumer has to register on the official website of the redressal platform i.e,, by clicking on the New User tab;
  • The website will require the details such as; the name, email id, address, and phone number of the complainant registering;
  • Post filling the registration details, the registration will be completed; a username and a password will be provided to the complainant;
  • Using the user id and password allotted, the complainant has to log in and then proceed towards ‘File Complaint’ ;
  • After clicking the file complaint option, complaint type has to be selected i.e, regarding poor quality products or inadequate services;
  • A registration form will appear on the screen in which details regarding the description of the issue, facts of the case, and other necessary documents are to be uploaded;
  • The final step is to click the ‘Submit’ button after the filling in all details

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Once the complaint application is submitted, an electronic number is generated, which can be used by the complainant to track the status of the case filed in the consumer court. A consumer can track the case until it is resolved. 

The Government of India has made filing consumer complaints a much simpler process by shifting the whole procedure online. However, if you encounter any complexities or require legal advice, it's recommended to consult with a consumer court lawyer. Now, consumers can track the status of their cases remotely, from any part of the world, without the hassle of visiting the court every now and then.


1. Can I file a consumer complaint if I have purchased the product online?

Yes, both online and offline. Both types of consumer grievances are accepted by the consumer portal. 

2. Can I file multiple cases using the same login credentials?

Yes, you can file multiple cases using the same login id and password. 

3. In which languages can I file my complaint?

You can file complaints in both languages, English and Hindi on the official portal consumer grievance.

4. Do I need to upload documents as well along with my consumer application?

Yes, relevant documents necessary for the case are to be submitted along with the application.